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Rent sports and luxury cars in Malaga!

A city built on many influences is a city that has more to offer than most, even more so if it is built on the the southern Spanish coast. Enjoy a myriad cultural attractions, a vivacious nightlife and a seemingly neverending coastline that will take your breath away and make you come back for more. Enjoy Malaga.

Sports cars

There’s a lot in Malaga to explore and no better way to do it than a precision-made Porsche or Maserati – because you might as well turn a few heads while you’re at it.

Luxury cars

Think of it as an all-important all-purpose mobile luxury calling card. You never know what Malaga will throw at you, and it pays to be prepared with a Bentley or a Mercedes.

Luxury SUVs

Gather your friends or family and take a drive into the countryside armed with Andalusian wine, paela ingredients and a spacious luxury SUV from among out extensive fleet.


Cruising down the Spanish coastline in an open-topped car is the stuff of movie endings. It can also be your reality. Why not see if the Jag’s available.

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