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Mercedes-Benz E 250 Cabriolet

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Mercedes-Benz E 250 Cabriolet

The 204bhp 2.1-litre turbocharged four-cylinder diesel is newer than the rest of the E250 Cab. It’s a superb engine: all-alloy, common-rail injection and does a commendable job in a relatively large car here in the E-class (albeit a C-class platform, as mentioned). Its strength is in its 368lb ft of torque, as well as the claimed 57.7mpg and 128g/km of C02 figure. What the on-paper stats don’t show just how malleable and talented this engine is at shifting 1845kg.

Get the engine on song and over 2000 rpm and the E 250 really takes off. Acceleration from rest to 100 km/h is in the high seven-second range. More importantly, the in-gear acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h lets you overtake safely in a minimum distance.

The use of a seven-speed automatic transmission aids in the engine’s ability to deliver, providing low gearing for around town and to get the engine revs up when overtaking, then slipping into high gears for lazy highway cruising. The tall gearing also help reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.


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