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Rent sports and luxury cars in Rome!

When in Rome… Well, what do Romans do? They drink their coffee short - standing (latte only in the morning), enjoy their pasta and pizza, and explain a lot with their hands. You should do all of that, plus all the usual touristic stuff – see Colosseum and Pantheon, throw a coin in Trevi Fountain and eat as much gelato as your stomach can take. We would add – get yourself an Italian car.

Sports cars

Nothing can match Italian sports cars and driving one in Rome is one-of-a-kind experience. We would recommend hiring 488 GTB or Aventador, but the ultimate choice is yours.

Luxury cars

Life is beautiful in Rome, and your vacation can always be more beautiful. Make it more lavish and extravagant by renting supreme automotive piece of art. Here is what we recommend:

Luxury SUVs

Planning family vacation in Rome? You need a car? SUV will fit your family needs completely. Range Rover or BMW will provide you with enough space and comfort.


Cabriolets are perfect for fun, romantic weekends, and perfect for driving over the Roman hills. You can see, hear and enjoy more in a sporty spider or lovely Mini.

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