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Rental guide: Ferrari 488 GTB

Thinking about the Ferrari 488 GTB for your next road trip? Read This

Ferrari 488 GTB – Introduction

The Ferrari 488 GTB brings you monstrous turbocharged perfection, with the unmistakable essence and racing DNA of the legendary Italian Brand.

It features a mid-engined V8, smaller in size than the 458’s engine, but now able to pump out a hundred more horsepower. Engine innovation aside, what is it like to rent this car? Would it be a good choice for your next road trip? Let’s find out.

A Stunning Pedigree (already)

Ferrari has a unique way of naming their cars. 488 GTB comes from the fact it has 8 cylinders with 488 cm3 of displacement each. And GTB? That’s Gran Turismo Berlinetta in Italian. Translated to english: Grand Tourer with Coupe Styling.

The name Grand Tourer should tell you this car has been designed for long-distance travel. And its achievements truly back up this claim.

In the 2017 Le Mans race, the ultimate test for any GT car. The GTE-AM Class winner was none other than the Ferrari 488. It completed over 4500 km in the 24 hours. Zero worries there regarding range and reliability. Oh, and even Top Gear named it the supercar of the year 2016.

The Unrivaled Performance

Now it’s been a while since Ferrari has put a Turbocharger in one of their cars. A smaller more efficient engine is one reason, but also the mind blowing 661 hp it delivers to the rear wheels. Resulting in 0-100 km/h in 3.0s. Almost identical to the very exclusive and rare 950 hp La Ferrari.

With a 3.9L engine, it achieves the same power to weight ratio of the 6.3L F12 Berlinetta. The efficiency per litre is far better, and it consumes about 25% less fuel on average.

A common issue with turbo engines is the lag… You know that feeling when you step on it and nothing….Then a sudden overwhelming blast of acceleration. Yes that.

Ferrari has virtually eliminated this lag by using a technology called Variable Torque Management. Making the power ready to pounce all across the power band. Maxing out at 8000rpm.

Ferrari 488 GTB - Engine

The Transmission and Drivetrain Technology

When you’ve got that much power going to the rear wheels. You better be able to handle your stuff…Unless you activate Ferrari’s Side Slip Control System. This makes extreme power controllable by pretty much anyone, not only Ferrari’s test drivers. The differential, dampers and more can be electronically set-up to your preference. There are different driving modes, like race mode, traction control off, and wet mode for slippery surfaces.

Suspension Lift is an optional extra. It raises the car’s height by 40 cm. This helps when going over large speed bumps and uneven terrain, you can only go under 40 km/h with this. Consider another high-performance SUV if you’ve got to go off-road or on a bumpy terrain.

Finally the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is based off Ferrari’s very own F1 technology developed in-house. It will shift faster than you blink.


The Ergonomics and Interior – Is it practical?

While the gearbox is fantastic, note that the paddles for gearshifts are fixed. They don’t follow the steering wheel. It’s just something you need to remember on tight, twisty roads where you’re likely to have large steering inputs.

One thing that looks very cool are the shift lights on the wheel. There’s less need to take attention off the road once you get used to it. Very similar to their F1 car steering wheels.

Ferrari 488 GTB - Interior (1)

The cabin is surprisingly spacious for two people. It only has what it needs. Very minimalistic, almost like it’s been designed for pure driving pleasure. It’s fitted with racing seats, which are lightweight and again, just essential. For more comfort, you can consider the Ferrari FF or the GTC4Lusso which both have a plush leather interior.

The 488 has controls on the wheel for easy access. As well as a Sport infotainment system behind the wheel for navigation. There’s really nothing much for passenger entertainment here.

For those with a family going on a long holiday, renting the GTC4 Lusso, FF, or F12 Berlinetta makes for a better choice. They offer 4 seats and have a far bigger boot. The 230 liter boot for the 488 GTB works fine for 2 people’s essential luggage.

Ferrari 488 GTB - Trunk Size

Ferrari 488 GTB – Driving Experience

If you decide the rent the 488 GTB, you’ve got to have open roads to use its potential. With a top speed of 330 km/h, the first place that comes to mind is Germany’s Autobahn. Where there isn’t a speed limit on some stretches.

There’s also the home of Ferrari – Italy. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit like Tuscany or the coastal city of Naples, but also some of the best driving roads. The Stelvio Pass located by the Alps was once chosen by Top Gear as the greatest driving road in the world. Alfa Romeo has even named a car after Stelvio.

Ferrari 488 GTB - Interior (2)

Final thoughts

When you rent the 488 GTB, it can get you from point A to point B fast. But that’s not the only thing. Here you’re going in for an experience. It’s a thrilling car to drive and gives you an incredible sensation on acceleration with a harmonic engine sound. Ideal for a road trip, especially in cities and well developed highways.

From the outside, this car is unmistakably Ferrari. With its aggressive side intakes, F1 inspired double spoiler on the front, and visible mid-rear engine. It’s probably going to turn a few heads and keep you exhilarated. A true grand tourer.

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