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Rental guide: Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari GTC4Lusso isn't really a supercar, but a supremely versatile grand tourer - in which you can take your family around.


Ferrari went in for a slightly different approach with GTC4Lusso.  A hatchback in design, more elegant but not quite like their other racing inspired supercars. Why? Because this isn’t really a supercar, but a supremely versatile grand tourer – in which you can take your family around.


The GTC4Lusso is very much based off the Ferrari FF. At first sight it looks a little different when viewed from the front with a sleeker front grill, but has the same monstrous V12 engine underneath. GTC4 refers to Grand Tourer Coupe with 4 seats. And Lusso? That’s luxury in Italian. Pretty much sums up what this car’s been built to give you. Gotta love Ferrari’s way of naming their cars.

Luxury and practicality

Indeed if this car has been designed for Luxury. Let’s start from the interior. What’s it like to drive? How’s the experience for the passenger?

Upon looking inside, you can’t help but notice the plush interior. With soft leather seats and armrests, it’s really been designed for comfort in mind. As well as that, it has amenities that aren’t found in Ferrari’s more sportier cars.

Renta guide - Ferrari GTC4Lusso - Luxury & Sports Car Rental

There’s a 10” touch screen infotainment system in the center console for navigation, temperature and music controls, which is easily accessible by the passenger. As an additional extra, you can get an 8.8 inch display in front of the passenger seat for speed readings, music control and more.

Rental guide - Ferrari GTC4Lusso Infotainment

The GTC4Lusso may be a 4 seater, but has only 2 doors. The front seats can easily be moved forward for a tall passenger to conveniently get in the back. You can also upgrade the roof to a stunning panoramic glass roof that gives the passengers an encompassing view of their surroundings.

Renting the GTC4Lusso is ideal if you need to carry bulky items. It has a big 450 liter boot, and if needed, the rear seats can fold down to give you 800 liters of storage space.  Great for carrying a bicycle, golf clubs, ski equipment or even your baby’s stroller.

A Real Powerhouse

Ferrari has brought the best of sportiness and elegance in the GTC4Lusso, and it surely wouldn’t be complete without a powerful engine. That’s why under the front bonnet, there’s a massive 6.3L V12 capable of delivering 681 hp to the rear wheels. The result of this is 0-100 km/h in 3.4s, and a top speed of 345 km/h. Not bad for a family car.


The engine is naturally aspirated, so power is ready to pounce any time you need it. But that does come at the cost of high fuel consumption. You get about 15.4L/100km, and on a full tank you can cover up to 590 km. Overall Ferrari has done a decent job to make this powerful V12 as efficient as possible.

The Transmission and Drivetrain Technology

The gearbox technology is based off Ferrari’s F1 gearbox, but works in quite a unique way for this car. There’s not one, but 2 gearboxes. A 7 speed driving the rear wheels, and a 2 speed gearbox driving the front. At lower gears, the car is an All Wheel Drive. Above 5th gear, it becomes Rear Wheel Drive. You need not worry about all this however, as it’s all controlled automatically.

For better cornering agility in difficult conditions, such as tight turns on icy roads. The front wheels have an Electronic Differential that can transfer up to 90% of the torque to either wheel. With 4-wheel steering, the rear wheels also turn the car.  So just be prepared for a better, maybe slightly different turning sensation.

Best Places to Visit

If you decide to rent the GTC4Lusso, consider visiting Ski Towns like Courchevel in France or Zermatt in Switzerland. Skiing makes a good option, because this car is capable of traversing more difficult and slippery roads, and can easily carry the equipment. If you want to venture far off-road, consider a luxury SUV like the Range Rover Sport with more ground clearance.

For family holidays with kids, this car is ideal. Great destinations to go to include Algarve, Portugal and Majorca, Spain which have pristine beaches overlooking the Mediterranean. Finally there’s always plenty of things you can find to do by driving down to the French Riviera, where places like Cannes, Nice and Monaco have great outdoor weather most of the year.


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Should you rent Ferrari GTC4Lusso?

With the GTC4Lusso, you can share the Ferrari experience with your family and friends in the lap of luxury. With an entertainment system, comfy seats and more. Long road trips will be a breeze and pretty quick too.

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