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Rental guide: Ferrari Portofino

Refined and defined, the Ferrari Portofino is in a category of its own. Named after the beautiful tourist village in Italy, the Ferrari Portofino is set to become the successor to the California T and become the next Grand Tourer in Ferrari's line up.
Rent Ferrari Portofino in Europe

New Ferrari Performance

The Portofino is practical and sensible, but also rapid when you need it to be. It features a twin turbo 3.8L V8 engine, producing 592 horsepower. A 40hp increase over the California T. It can get from nought to 62 MPH in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 199 mph (320 km/h).This won’t win any performance awards, but for sure is fast enough.

It’s fitted with a very advanced 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, which is based on the technology developed in Ferrari’s Formula 1 program. This allows it to shift gears almost as quick as you can blink.

Turbochargers are known to have their advantages and drawbacks. The mains reasons Ferrari has opted for turbos is to increase the power, and take you further per liter of fuel. Ferrari has opted for two smaller turbos and they’ve innovated their variable boost management to adjust torque delivery for the gear it’s in. Giving you better fuel consumption and more instantaneous power delivery. The result of this is zero turbo lag.


Driving Improvements Made

Its headlights and front grill give it a charming grin, but compared to the California. The Portofino features a more bold and modern looking hood and body. It’s designed to reduce drag and improve the overall aerodynamics. It also comes with an electronic differential to maintain stability in bends. This is the first grand tourer made by Ferrari to use electric power steering. Which is more responsive, dynamic and saves fuel.

The new e-damping system features dual-coil technology, to reduce body roll and improve absorption of road surface unevenness. Leading to a smoother ride.


Ferrari Portofino – Built for Luxury Travel

While sporty on many fronts, the Portofino is crafted more towards creating a luxurious experience. It’s better suited for two people who wish to go on long drives. The front seats are 18-way powered and built with comfort in mind. There’s a 10.2” infotainment system in the centre console, as well as a smaller screen to control the infotainment system on the passenger’s side. The two seats in the rear aren’t as spacious as the front. They’ll work fine for small children, or for adults on short trips. As for the boot, there’s a fair bit of space to carry your luggage when traveling on long trips.

Rent Ferrari Portofino in Europe

A Hardtop Convertible

As versatile as it is, the Portofino even offers you the choice to drive with the roof down. You’ll be able to hear the strong refined exhaust note from the V8.  There’s wind deflector that reduces air flow and buffeting in the cabin by 30% compared to the California. This is a hardtop – with the roof up, it’ll feel just like a coupe.

Where to Drive

While the Portofino is capable of taking you far and through all sorts of conditions. Why not head somewhere you can truly enjoy its convertible feature? Of course, the best place to rent Ferrari Portofino is Italy. Explore Milan, Florence and Rome and the stunning views of the Amalfi Coast.

Been there, done that? How about Spain and the South of France? The cost of rent might be a bit higher, but it’s worth it. Enjoy beautiful temperate weather most of the year. In the region of Andalusia, consider Marbella. A city with beaches lining the coastline, plenty of high-end resorts and a happening nightlife.

In the South of France, you have the Côte d’Azur, also known as the French Riviera. There’s Monaco, Nice and St. Tropez within a short driving distance of each other. When in Monaco, drive down to the glamorous harbor, which has some of the most stunning yachts in the world, and while you’re at it, why not drive a lap around the Monaco Grand Prix Track?  Where Ferrari has been dominant so many times in Formula 1.

Once you’ve explored the little principality of Monaco, you can drive to Nice or St.Tropez. Where you can savour some traditional French food alongside the sea, and take in the beautiful sights while cruising around in the Portofino. If you just want to rent Ferrari Portofino for a day to try it out you will find the best deals in Dubai.

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