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Rental Guide: Tesla Model X

It's an SUV for the future, developed by a ground-breaking company in Silicon Valley.

Rent the coolest SUV

The Tesla Model X is the fastest SUV in the world and by far one of the coolest, most technologically advanced too. It’s completely electric and one of the best things about electric motors is their incredible torque and instant acceleration. The acceleration of this SUV beats that of many modern supercars, as it’s able to do 0-100 km/h in an incredible 3.1s.

It has an all-wheel drive system which helps it accelerate like a rocket, and this provides better control even in rough terrains.

The Technology

Tesla is more than just a car company, it’s truly a technology company. The Model X comes loaded with impressive features to use its energy efficiently, avoid danger and make the ride silky smooth.

Complete self-driving capabilities are inbuilt into every new Tesla. From the outside, it’s hard to tell that there are 8 active cameras, a radar and ultrasonic sensors in the Model X. They allow the system to be hyper-aware of its surroundings. Tesla claims the self-driving feature can drive twice as safe as the average human driver.

This doesn’t discount the need for a driver behind the wheel, however even in the worst of visibility like heavy rain, dust or fog. Features like emergency braking, front and side collision warning are invaluable to drivers of any experience.

The awesome air suspension system lowers the car when riding at speed to lower drag, but can also be raised with a touch to leave more ground clearance when driving on bumpy roads.

The Interior

A stunning aspect of the Model X is the connected feeling it gives the passengers with the surroundings. The cabin is spacious but feels more expansive with the largest all-glass panoramic windshield of any SUV. The glass is solar tinted and provides an unobstructed view of the sky above.

There is seating for 5 people as standard. With the absence of a big engine or drivetrain, the Model X cabin is a lot more spacious compared to other SUVs of a similar size. There’s plenty of space to store a lot of luggage, as well as bulky items like skis. The futuristic passenger doors rise up like falcon wings when opened, allowing passengers to easily enter and exit even in tight spaces.

While bad air pollution isn’t really a big problem in most of Europe, a medical grade air filter removes bacteria, pollen and pollution from inside the cabin, providing clean air for everyone inside to breathe.


If you’re renting the Model X to travel with family, rest assured this is the safest SUV in the world. Tall SUVs are known for sometimes rolling over when cornering too fast or violently. This most commonly happens when a driver swerves to avoid an accident.

The design of the Model X makes the chance of tipping over very unlikely, even when driving on uneven terrain. That’s because the batteries are positioned low, to keep the weight and center of gravity closer down to earth. This makes its entire platform much more stable and nimbler.

Charging the Model X

You’d be glad to know the Model X has a fantastic range of 565 km. This is partly thanks to how aerodynamically efficient its body is. It’s said to be around 20% more efficient than the next best SUV.

If you haven’t driven an electric vehicle before, something that may feel new to you is the regenerative braking feature. Regenerative braking converts braking force into electricity, which can be used to charge the batteries. Depending on how strong you set the regenerative braking, it will affect how fast the Model X slows down when you lift off the throttle pedal.

If you think charging may be an issue for your trip, then consider hiring another SUV from our selection. However, if you use the infotainment system, you should be able to find plenty of destination chargers on the map. Destination chargers are commonly found at hotels, restaurants and malls. They’re mostly free to use but charge the batteries quite slowly.

If you can get to a Tesla Supercharger station, you’re in luck. They take only about 40 minutes to charge 80% of its battery. That’s at least another 400km of trip and it costs much less than petrol or diesel too.

Where to Rent Tesla Model X

The Model X would be best suited to central Europe. Especially countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where there are plenty of destination chargers and even a few superchargers here and there.

The Model X is a great touring SUV which not only travels quite far on an all-electric charge, but also delivers a quiet, comfortable and immersive ride. It would be enjoyable to drive in iconic European cities like Zurich, Munich and Milan.

You can safely travel between these countries on the well-connected highways, and the navigation system can easily help you plan the best places to recharge on your journey.

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