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BMW M4 Convertible

  • Model: M4 Convertible
  • Manufacturer: BMW
  • Type: Convertible Cars
  • Seats: 4
  • Bags: 2
  • Top Speed: 250 km/h
  • Horse Powers: 431 hp

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Rent BMW M4 Convertible in Europe

The BMW M4 Convertible is the drop-top variant of the M4 Coupe, powered by the same 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six, which produces 425bhp. With a complicated hard-top roof mechanism on board and a bit of chassis strengthening, the Convertible weighs 178kg more than the Coupe, which has a clear impact on handling and body control, but there's still fun to be had.

The engine still delivers a devastating hit of acceleration, and is happy to spin up the rear tyres for long drifts, but the sound could be better. Amplified through the speekers it sounds synthetic with the roof up and too muted with it down.


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