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Ferrari 488 Spider

  • Model: 488 Spider
  • Manufacturer: Ferrari
  • Type: Sports Cars
  • Seats: 2
  • Bags: 2
  • Top Speed: 330 km/h
  • Horse Powers: 661 hp

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Rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Europe

We already knew the 488 was good, but the stunning Ferrari 488 Spider adds another layer of involvement to the driving experience. With the folding hard-top stowed, it gets you closer to the sound and speed of the car’s explosive V8. Yet it’s just as usable every day as the coupe. The 488 Spider carries over the retractable hard top first seen on its predecessor, the 458 Spider. It’s a clever arrangement – a pull on the button mounted on the centre console sees the metal roof above the driver’s head fold backwards. At the same time a small cover in front of the engine bay rises up and the roof peels back into the gap. It’s clever and quite spectacular to witness; it takes just 14 seconds and unlike on the 458, it can be done at speeds of up to 30mph. The Spider is certainly one of quickest ever drop-top Ferraris, too. The GTB’s 3.9-litre twin-turbo flat crank V8 has been carried over completely unchanged meaning there’s 660bhp and 760Nm of torque at your disposal. In fact, it’s all about the torque with this engine because it peaks at just 3,000rpm. The result is so violent Ferrari’s engineers have limited the amount of torque available in the lower gears to try and smooth out the delivery and avoid what every keen driver hates in a turbocharged engine – lag.


488 Spider Performance

The 488 continues a bloodline that began with 1975’s 308 GTB, whose 3.0-litre V8 produced a piffling-by-modern-standards 252bhp. In fact, Ferrari’s merciless technological advance means that this latest Spider is more powerful than 2002’s Enzo hypercar. Forget zero to 60, anything that can accelerate to 124mph in 8.7 seconds is bordering on the otherworldly, and the 488 Spider’s ultra-quick-shifting dual clutch seven-speed ’box harnesses this colossal performance with ease. But as good as the new engine is, the turbos definitely alter the car’s character. Accessing it is as much about wading into that vast reservoir of torque as it is tapping up its 661bhp. Ferrari’s clever variable torque geometry effectively mimics the delivery of a high revving normally aspirated engine, dishing up progressively more grunt in higher gears. If anything, its handling and ride are even more impressive: magnetic dampers keep everything tied down while filtering out rough surfaces, and the latest ‘side slip angle control’ and E-diff makes an Average Joe feel like Sebastien Vettel.


488 Spider Interior

Ferrari has always placed a lot of importance on the way the driver and car connect with each other; the closer you can get to feeling one with the car, the better, and they have come damn near close with the two-seat 488 GTB and 488 Spider. The tight cabin features wraparound satellite pods that are angled towards the driver, and the more compact dashboard with angled air vents underscores this driver-focused space. Many of the controls – lights, wipers, indicators, suspension adjustment, starter button and traction control switch – are located on the steering wheel itself, echoing the style, if not the content, of a Formula One car. The basic driving position feels just about perfect, while visibility is good for a low and wide mid-engined car.


Ferrari 488 Spider Specs:

- Engine: 3.9 L Turbocharged V8
- Max Power: 661 bhp @ 8000rpm
- Max Torque: 760 Nm @ 3000 rpm
- Seating Capacity: 2
- Transmission: Automatic
- Boot Space: 230 liters
- Fuel Tank Capacity: 78 liters
- Fuel Type: Petrol
- Body Type: Convertible

How much does it cost to rent Ferrari 488 Spider?

The cost of renting a Ferrari 488 Spider depends on the location and rental duration. The price for 1-day rental ranges from EUR 950.00 - 1,250.00 for 1 day rental to EUR 850.00 - 1,050.00 per day for weekly rental. To check live rates and make a reservation start your search from homepage.

Rent Ferrari 488 Spider in: Milan · Rome · Naples · Florence · Munich · Frankfurt · Berlin · Zurich · Geneva · Monaco · Malaga · Barcelona · Madrid · Athens · Thesalloniki · Dubai · Abu Dhabi

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