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Ferrari Portofino

  • Model: Portofino
  • Manufacturer: Ferrari
  • Type: Convertible Cars
  • Seats: 4
  • Bags: 2
  • Top Speed: 320 km/h
  • Horse Powers: 600 hp

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Rent Ferrari Portofino in Europe

The Portofino aims to redress the balance, literally and figuratively, adding a shot of adrenalised dynamism to the usability and versatility beloved of California clients – grintozo, Ferrari calls it, or grittiness – not to mention chiselling away at the old car’s, umm, lard-arsed profile. Ferrari’s Centro Stile has worked wonders here, crafting a form that has tension in coupe form, particularly in the way the retractable hard-top roof is now convincingly integrated, while still delivering the lissom elegance of a convertible and the trick aero a modern Ferrari needs. There’s an all-new aluminium chassis, using 12 different alloys, key elements of which are now cleverly integrated. Take the A-pillar, for example: on the California it consisted of 21 separate components, now it’s a single piece. Hollow castings help improve structural rigidity: the new car is 35 per cent stiffer than the old one. Savings have also been made in the powertrain and electronics, while the seats, heating and ventilation system and dashboard structure are all lighter.


Portofino Performance

The Portofino is 80kg lighter than the car it replaces, using a brand new chassis with completely revised suspension and a new electronic differential. It also makes use of a new 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine under the bonnet. Power ramps up to a heady 591bhp – this is the entry-level Ferrari, remember – and drive is sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. As ever, there’s a multitude of driver modes and suspension settings to mull over. Once you get going, you’ll very quickly begin to work out where Ferrari has tried to make this an approachable and user-friendly supercar – but also where the engineers at Maranello saw a little room for trade-offs. The seven-speed DCT gearbox is the starting point, and it sits firmly in the uncompromised fold. Straight from the off it’s quite clear that the Portofino’s transmission has been designed with performance in mind, remaining a little fussy to master and a tad uncomfortable at low speeds. Plant your foot on the accelerator and switch the box to manual mode, and it’s immediately clear that the baby of the range is equipped with a very serious powertrain. In the dry, the rear axle transmits all that power to the tarmac with complete competence.


Portofino Interior

Even if somebody removed that rearing stallion from its steering wheel, there’s an exceedingly good chance you’d still recognise that you were sitting in a Ferrari. For a start, there are no stalks for the lights or wipers; instead, the controls for the indicators, main beam and wiper speed can be found on the face of the steering wheel. You’ll also find the starter button, damper control, and ‘Manettino’ dial (this selects the drive modes) there, while the gear shift paddles, a volume control for the stereo and a scroll wheel for the driver’s display are mounted behind the wheel.


Ferrari Portofino Specs:

- Engine: 3.9 L Turbocharged V8
- Max Power: 592 bhp @ 7500rpm
- Max Torque: 760 Nm @ 3000 rpm
- Seating Capacity: 4
- Transmission: Automatic
- Boot Space: 292 liters
- Fuel Tank Capacity: 80 liters
- Fuel Type: Petrol
- Body Type: Convertible

How much does it cost to rent Ferrari Portofino?

The cost of renting a Ferrari Portofino depends on the location and rental duration. The price for 1-day rental ranges from EUR 1,150.00 - 1,450.00 for 1 day rental to EUR 850.00 - 1,050.00 per day for weekly rental. To check live rates and make a reservation start your search from homepage.

Rent Ferrari Portofino in: Milan · Rome · Naples · Florence · Munich · Frankfurt · Berlin · Zurich · Geneva · Monaco · Malaga · Barcelona · Madrid · Athens · Thesalloniki · Dubai · Abu Dhabi

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