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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Ferrari in Italy? (2017)

For Ferraris in Italy the price range goes from €650 per day up to €1200 per day, depending on number of days.
Rent Ferrari in Italy

Prices can vary based on the model of the car, the owner or the rental company. Factors like age, quality of maintenance and others will also contribute to the price, so it’s safest to talk about price ranges. For Ferraris in Italy the price range goes from €650 per day up to €1200 per day, depending on how many days.  Here are some examples for if you wanted to rent a Ferrari sports car in Italy, taking all of these into account, at Lurento.

Rent Ferrari 458 Italia in Italy

Ferrari 458 Italia

The 458 is that genuine Italian beauty and an excellent starting point when considering a sports car for rental, especially if it is your first go. Part of what makes it an indispensable consideration is that its classic Italian style body can be found in two other models, the Speciale and the Spider, a convertible, which makes it adaptable to all of your needs. Renting Ferrari 458 Italia will set you back between €780 and €1,100 per day for 7 days rental.

Rent Ferrari California in Italy

Ferrari California

The California is a convertible. Its low-hanging body fits perfectly with winding coastal roads, the sun and the enjoyment of the finer things in life. Its a two-seater with an excellent sound system, and we don’t think you need any other information to understand where its focus lies. And if you want some alone time, the engine is both powerful and unashamedly vocal, a combination that can do no wrong. Renting Ferrari California (Turbo) for a day will cost you between €650 and €1,100, for 7 days rental.

Rent Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso in Italy

Ferrari GTC 4Lusso

With four seats, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, the GTC 4Lusso is what happens when you have Ferrari design a worthy successor for its awesome FF. The personification of all you could want in a luxury car, it is fast, it is head-turning and it is the perfect shortcut to class when going out for an evening of operatic culture in Florence or Rome. You can rent Ferrari GTC 4Lusso for €1,200 per day (for 7 days rental).

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