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Discover the best offers for renting luxury and sports cars in Italy
ZTL - zona a traffico limitato (limited traffic zone)

Driving in a ZTL with a rental car in Italy – Detailed guide (2023)

What is a ZTL?   The acronym ZTL stands for "zona a traffico limitato" (eng. limited traffic zone). Vehicular traffic is prohibited within these areas. To combat vehicle traffic and to try to protect areas in the center, heart of the most beautiful Italian cities, many administrations, especially in large...

Rent Ferrari F8 Tributo in Italy 2021

How much does it cost to Rent a Ferrari in Italy? (2021)

Want to know how much you can drive a Ferrari around Italy for? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Lurento we’ve put together a one-stop guide to Ferrari renting in Italy with all you need to know to enjoy exploring this beautiful country in luxury. Factors including car...

Stelvio Pass Experience - Lurento Luxury Car Rental

Stelvio Pass: The summit of your driving experience

The mountain roads through the Alps represent some of the greatest engineering achievements in Europe’s architectural history. Twisted all the way up to the icy mountain tops, the hairpin bends intersect enchanting beauty of the high Alps, offering stunning views and spectacular driving adventures. Of all the Alpine passes, the...

Rent Ferrari in Italy

Rent a Ferrari in Italy – It’s Easy!

Thinking of renting a luxury car and exploring Italy for a while? It only makes sense, since innumerable attractions and exquisite delicacies are dispersed across the country, and you will need the freedom of travel only an automobile can afford. There is also something to renting a genuine luxury Italian...

Driving in Italy

6 Driving Hacks For the Italian Roads :: Country Guide

Renting a luxury car is easy, no more than a few clicks away. But true enjoyment of a drive doesn’t rely solely on you jumping into your dream vehicle and turning the key. It is also important to enjoy the drive itself, and nothing ruins the mood more than being...

Rent Ferrari in Italy

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Ferrari in Italy? (2017)

Prices can vary based on the model of the car, the owner or the rental company. Factors like age, quality of maintenance and others will also contribute to the price, so it’s safest to talk about price ranges. For Ferraris in Italy the price range goes from €650 per day...


Rent a Luxury Car in Florence – Tuscany (2021)

The value of the Florentine experience is difficult to measure. The capital of Tuscany is famous for being the cradle of the Renaissance, home of architectural marvels like the Duomo or historical landmarks like the Ponte Vecchio and being the birthplace and birthright of such political giants like the Medici...

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