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How much to rent a Range Rover in Europe?

Whether you want a safe SUV for your family or a go-everywhere, spacious vehicle you and your friends can take for a journey through nature, Land Rover has a model for you.

Each car is built for a specific purpose, and it is sometimes difficult to discern which one suits your needs best. Particularly if you’re looking for a safe and practical vehicle that will go anywhere and be everything you need it to be while maintaining an enviable level of luxury. There is a simple choice – the Range Rover. Over the decades, the British carmaker has built up a reputation for posh exploration, and they offer a range of models and trims designed to fill your every request in a satisfactory fashion. Whether you want a safe SUV for your family or a go-everywhere, spacious vehicle you and your friends can take for a journey through nature, Land Rover has a model for you. We happily offer all of the models and more at our website, and you can now rent these or any luxury SUV easily at any of the locations we operate out of.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the models on offer.

Range Rover Sport and the exercise in excellence

Range Rover Sport White - Spain

It exemplifies the ideal of exploration while still quietly accepting that most drivers won’t use it to climb the Himalayas. As a result, this car trades some of its off-road expertise for supreme suburban utility. It handles like a champ on the road, regardless of whether that road is bordered by buildings or an open field, and earns the sporty title by being almost hald a tonne lighter than the regular Range Rover and also effortlessly quick, and impressively stable for a car of its size.

Take it off-road, though, and it’s a whole new set of skills you’re looking for. It should be stable enough to handle any terrain, powerful enough to tackle those muddy uphills and comfortable enough that you won’t wish you’d stayed at home watching the Parliament in session.

All these things the Sport delivers, and then some.

It has a trick, you see. It analyzes the terrain you’re tackling and automatically adjusts the engine output, brakes, suspension, you name it, to fit your current needs. It channels differing levels of power to each individual wheel to ensure maximum traction. Based on the engine fitted (of which there are seven out there – three diesel, three petrol and one hybrid), the Sport could have one of two transmission systems, with the petrol models being able to shift between full rear or front drive and the diesel models only being able to achieve between 60% and 80%. Still, unless you’re planning on drag racing it through the rainforest, it should be enough.

And you shouldn’t. In case we’ve given you a frankly unacceptable idea.

And it is both supremely comfortable on the inside, with obvious attention to detail given to every inch. There are 7 seats in total, with the two in third row really being for children, judging by leg and head room. It is the epitome of the luxury sports utility vehicle, and you can rent it for between €135 and €576 per day.

Go classy with the Range Rover Vogue
Range Rover Vogue Black - London

Then there was the full-blooded Range Rover. Ok, so technically it is the basic trim, but considering that the Sport was designed to be lighter on its feet and more suited to the posh suburban lifestyle (relative to the Vogue, of course), that makes it the automotive item that was downsized the same way one would downsize a die-hard adventurer in order to create a notable naturalist.

Not that type of naturalist. Shame on you.

Naturally, it’s very fun to drive, especially in the outdoors, and it has loads of torque, meaning that it makes light of any and all obstacles nature can place in front of you to stop you from having your fun. Add to that. it is fairly quiet, handles great under difficult circumstances and protects the driver and passengers from anything short of falling off a cliffside. It is truly the essence of what Range Rover stands for – and explorer with a penchant for the five o’clock cup of tea.

It is also more intimate, offering only four seats. So you might need to rent two of these if you were planning a camping trip with all your friends. But don’t worry, with a price tag of between €175 and €400 per day, that is entirely affordable.

Evoque, The baby Range Rover

Range Rover Evoque Red - Marbella

If the Vogue is the basic trim and the Sport is geared for high performance enjoyed with a large group, the Evoque is left to take the top spot for the appearance. It was created to appeal to the younger generation, and what we’ve ended up with is an that directly targets competitors’ SUV lines by updating the look but keeping the all-around driving utility and enviable performance of previous models.

Land Rover have assumed most drivers would prefer to use it on-road, and have geared performance accordingly. That does not, however, mean that the Evoque can’t go off-road. It still has the terrain response mode in which it adjusts to the terrain conditions and handy cameras with which you can avoid those pesky pebbles seeking to chip your paint job.

So it’s a less intimidating Rover with a thing for being the centre of attention, the toast of the town. Which is lucky, as it has become immensely popular since its launch in 2011. You could be sitting in one for upwards of just €92 per day.

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