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Ferrari 458 Speciale

  • Model: 458 Speciale
  • Manufacturer: Ferrari
  • Type: Sports Cars
  • Seats: 2
  • Bags: 2
  • Top Speed: 320 km/h
  • Horse Powers: 597 hp

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Rent Ferrari 458 Speciale in Europe

The 458 Italia represented a bold rearrangement of Ferrari’s whole model philosophy when it was launched. Ferrari 458 Speciale is quicker, harder, more aggressive 458 variant ­ now with the retractable hard top from the Spider. There are only 499 being made, all for Ferrari ‘collectors’, unfortunately.


458 Speciale Performance

It contains one of the loveliest engines ever ­ a 4.5-litre flat-crank V8 with natural aspiration. Chucking out 597bhp (up from 562bhp for the standard car), it revs to 9000rpm, with 398lb ft of torque all the way up at 6000. Which means that it’s necessary, or rather your absolute duty, to rev the hell out of it at every opportunity. Bit of engineering for those that need detail: new cams, higher valve lift, redesigned (shorter) inlet manifolds and different pistons. It’s got a slightly bonkers compression ratio of 14:1, and posh materials and general millimetric shaving mean that the engine actually weighs 8kg less than the normal one. There’s also the usual seven-speed double-clutch gearbox, this time with faster shifts. How they keep getting faster when they’re supposed to be instant in the first place is beyond me, though the Speciale does feel more aggressive, especially in downshifts, and it does exactly what you tell it. I couldn’t shift this fast or well in a manual, so it proves the point. There are also other weight saving measures for the Speciale Coupe, carried over to the Aperta: lighter glass, lighter bodywork and exhaust, 20kg of mass out of the cabin and forged wheels that save 12kg. Altogether it should weigh about 90kg less than a standard Spider, which never felt like a fatty anyway. There are various active and passive aero flaps that change the car’s behaviour at speed, and bespoke tyres ­ more of them in a minute.


458 Speciale Interior

This is one of the most uncompromising cockpits that you’re ever likely to come across in an Italian exotic – and that’s exactly how it should be. There are open-topped lightweight sports cars and dedicated sprint machines more opulently appointed than this. The seat shells and interior door panels are carbonfibre, and there are some wonderful examples of fresh detail design in the new interior door handles and the blade-like console of buttons for the transmission and launch control. Ferrari’s purpose-driven redesign even takes in the seat fabric, which is lighter and more breathable than on a standard Italia. What matters is that the driving position is excellent and the seats are comfy and quite wide but supportive, too. The steering wheel is as button-littered as ever, and the indicator, wiper and headlight controls are sited unintuitively – but your fingers and thumbs acclimatise before too long.


458 Speciale Specs:

- Engine: 4.5 L V8
- Max Power: 597 bhp @ 9000rpm
- Max Torque: 540 Nm @ 6000 rpm
- Seating Capacity: 2
- Transmission: Automatic
- Boot Space: 230 liters
- Fuel Tank Capacity: 86 liters
- Fuel Type: Petrol
- Body Type: Coupe

How much does it cost to rent Ferrari 458 Speciale?

Ferrari 458 Speciale is no longer available for rent. Newer models are currently available: 488 GTB, 488 Spider, 488 Pista, Portofino, 812 Superfast, F8 Tributo

Rent Ferrari in: Milan · Rome · Naples · Florence · Munich · Frankfurt · Berlin · Zurich · Geneva · Monaco · Malaga · Barcelona · Madrid · Athens · Thesalloniki · Dubai · Abu Dhabi

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